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How to get a Japanses license-Part4

Part 4-Application steps and taking Japanese Eye check

Application process for driving license conversion in Japan is systematically organized steps starting from application window at a driving license center. Though DLC open from 8:30 to 11:00am(morning) and 13:00-15:00pm(afternoon), if you would like to have your driving license within the same day, you should schedule for the morning opening hours. The first step is to check if you have all required ID documents, and this takes the most time in the process. They will check if your driving license is valid and you can prove that you stayed in issued country for at least 90 days after you obtained your original driving license. You may be questioned if they doubt any of proves which you prepared and required to provide extra proves if they need. You will receive application sheet after they checked all of your ID documents and confirm your stay in the issued country, and you bring this sheet though all steps. The next step is paying for application fee t payment window, it costs 4,400JPY per application and you need to buy stamp for the fee and attach on the sheet. After the paying, you will take Japanese eye check with “Londlt C” which you are required to point in the direction that “C” image is pointing with or without a eye glass at eye check window. Once you have “Pass” stamp on eye check box of your sheet, you are almost finishing the steps, the last is taking ID photo which will be printed on your Japanese driving license. You will give the completed sheet to ID photo window and receive a ticket of your pick up number after taking a digital photo.

You will receive your newly printed driving license at pick up window within 40-60min.- To part 5

Official information for driving license conversion in Japan.

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