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How to get a Japanses license-Part3

Part 3-Are you familiar with Japanese traffic signs?

If you are in No test required group, you do not have read this article part 3, please directly go to article part 4 for application process.

One who is reading this, unfortunately needs to prepare for taking both writing and on-road driving test. Many people says writing test is easy and very straight forward though you still need to recognize some of Japanese traffic signs to answer some questions. In case you have some signs which you do not know what it means in above-attached images, you should check “How to  drive a car” link in useful information bar. When you take a writing test you can chose to take this 10 questions(True or False) test in English. Though you will have an instruction how to take the test prior to stating the test in Japanese, do not worry, it gives you only two instructions 1, Put “O(Maru)” for true and “X(Batsu)” for false 2, You may leave the testing room when you finish the test. It is not required Japanese language skill to pass the writing test though it is needed some understanding of Japanese for on-load test as you will have instructions from Japanese instructor sitting next to you in a car during the on-load test. -To Part 4

“Free” ways of leaning how to drive a car in Japan.

How to drive a car in Japan

Brain-dumps for Road Risk Prediction

If you are willing to pay a bit for more detailed instruction or a driving lesson in English.

Textbook for Traffic Rules and Signs

Driving lesson in English at Koyama Driving School

Driving lesson in English at FCA Driving School