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How to get a Japanses license-Part2

Part 2-OK. Now you know you need to take "driving test". What to be prepared?

If your driving license was issued from countries not listed before(see Part 1), then you shall be prepared for taking “driving test” in order to have a Japanese driving license.

Before getting in the most important tip which is How to Pass “driving test” by the first try or at least within 2nd or 3rd try, there are required documents for the application procedure.

1, Official Translation of your original driving license- No matter in which groups you are, you need to obtain an official translation in Japanese at Japan Automobile Federation(a.k.a JAF), embassy or consulate of issuing country.

2, Residence Card

3, Two copies of Resident Certificate- You also need to obtain your resident certificate at a local ward office where-ever you live in. It is called “Jyumin-Hyo” in Japanese and you can get it at Resident Service window.

4, Passport- Since you need to prove that you stayed in issued country for at least 90 days after you obtained your original driving license, you shall bring both current and expired passports(if any). In case you unfortunately only have a brand new passport which can not prove your 90 days stay in issued country, then you also need to bring something can prove you stayed more than 90 days in issued country such as paid bill receipt for over three months, university diploma, tax record, salary payment record or employ certificate from issued country(no I am not joking).

5, ID photo 3 x 2.4cm, if you have- If not, do not worry. There is a photo booth where you can make ID photo instantly at DCL.

If you have all required documents, you start the application process.- To Part 3